Dato’ Dr Mohd Sofi Osman was borned in Penang. Received his primary and secondary educations in Penang before pursuing his engineering degree at University of Strathclyde, Glasgow. He is married with three childrens.

Dato’ Dr Mohd Sofi Osman joined Intel in 2015 with the acquisition of Altera Corporation, where he was the Managing Director and led Worldwide Operations and Engineering for the Asia Pacific region since 2012. Before joining Altera, he had a 25-year career at Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), culminating in his role as Managing Director of AMD Penang. He holds a patent in the field of semiconductor manufacturing process and has published papers on continuous improvement projects in backend semiconductor manufacturing.

Dato’ Dr Mohd Sofi Osman has been with the Board of Directors at University Malaysia Perlis (UniMAP) since the organization was still known as KUKUM. Currently, he is the Chairman of the UniMAP Finance Committee and also the Chairman of UniMAP Holdings.

He was a past Chairman for Penang Skills Development Centre (PSDC) where he held the post for three terms. He was also the past President of the Free Industrial Zone Penang Company Association (Frepenca).

He also serves as a CREST (Collaborative Research in Engineering, Science & Technology) board member. CREST is an industry-led initiative collaborating with Government and academia focusing on R&D for the E&E sector in Malaysia. He is also the Chairman of the Audit and Risk Committee of CREST.

He was recently appointed by the Malaysia Ministry of Education on the CEO Faculty Programme as an Adjunct Professor at University of Science Malaysia.

Contact Info

Graduate School of Business, Universiti Sains Malaysia
11800 USM
Pulau Pinang
Tel: +604-6532794 Fax: +604-6532792 E-Mail:
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